Original Works by Lindsay Diles

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April is Sexual Assault and Awareness Month.

Unshaken is an original work dedicated to survivors. Proceeds from the sales of Unshaken will be donated to NO MORE.

NO MORE is dedicated to ending domestic violence and sexual assault by increasing awareness, inspiring action and fueling culture change.

My goal is to provide healing through music. I hope this song provides some connection wherever you are in your journey towards healing.

Unshaken Lyrics

I was goin’ about my life just fine
Not a care in the world, having the best time
Then you came along with your poisonous wine
Assured I was safe, how could I be so blind?

Years go by and I can still see his face
These memories just cannot be erased
Deep inside my mind is a horrible place
My body was my temple, now it feels like such a waste

So I go back, and he comes back, ​​
and I know that I’ve grown stronger, 
but he can’t see that

It’s been so long, memories are still strong, 
you go about your life just fine, 
but what you did to me was wrong

Over and over, it replays in my mind
Over and over, just can’t leave it behind
Over and over, I keep telling you I’m fine
How could this happen to me, you really crossed the line
People turn on you and ridicule, your secret’s out today
Go through your day in a haze, pretending everything’s ok
And they judge you, but what do they know anyway
What happened (to you) is not your fault, you didn’t have a say

Can’t escape your thoughts, constantly in your dreams
Convincing you, “it’s not as bad as it may seem…”
You have no idea, the horrible things that I have seen…
What really happened last night…why did he have to be so mean?

So you fight back, but he comes back, and you tell him NO 
but he just doesn’t hear that
Scared he’ll come back, not sure how to react, and they tell you that you’ll be fine, but you just don’t need that

All of these years, smiling through tears, paralyzed by fear-screaming inside but no one hears
Lies and then stalking, drugged instead of walking, sick of people gawking – I’ve had enough, I’m finally talking

Never going back, he’s never coming back,

I am stronger now than ever, everybody sees that.

Anger may have faded, let your mind be persuaded, still feeling kind of jaded, 
A stronger woman now, you’ve made it
Over and over, you took too much of my time
Over and over, drowned my sorrows with wine
Over and over, finally saw all of the signs
You can’t do this to me, I know I’m gonna be fine

Unshaken, not stirred
Not broken, but heard
Fearless and reassured
I finally got the last word

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